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Welcome to the Waterloo Region - I, Scream HorrorFest 2010!

Last Update: - And here...We...GO!.

  • (10/02/2010) - Good evening screamers...
  • Greetings everyone. As we enter our the final days to the festival, we are getting really excited for all of our events, movies, and gaming tournaments, and it is hard to believe that we were have been working on this event for a full year, well as they say: " all good things must come to an end" . for me personally it's kind of hard to explain my mood for the right now- I think I'm going through the steps of a motion at this present time, and as they say "acceptance" is the final step. One the few things, and are really have to say is that I'm completely thankful for the individuals who have stuck through thick and thin in regards to this project, as we went through a lot of tribulation, as in individuals who didn't live up to there expectations, things falling through - and other things that festivals go through to get to that final point, which is "completion". However through this whole dynamic there was one person really have the gusto in the positivity through all the hard times, and that one person is Torin Langen! There were several times, were things did not connect either by "accident" or by the universe trying to push us back, and because of that frustration - I personally came close (several times for that matter) in walking away from this whole project, but however it was Torin who was a true trooper for all this "stuff" and just seeing the positivity and how fantastic the end goal would be for all... So to you my young friend, I truly say thank you for your positivity, enthusiastic ideas, and just the ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Additionally there are other people who without their help with have not even got to this point (think about it just two guys trying to put some of this together? ...right...lol) and they would be Ryan Kennedy, Eric "Foo-Fighter" Repke, Britney Wind, Joseph Chen, George Bonilla, Ovi Tudose, Dan, Andrew, Jo and Johan to all of then i say thank you.

    Please note that this year's Festival will be hosted at: The GIG Theatre -137 Ontario St., Kitchener, ON.

  • :: HorrorFest 2010 Passes ::

    Memberships to the Waterloo Region - I, Scream HorrorFest 2010 memberships pass will be on sale at the Registration Desk/The Box office for all three days of the festival. Single day and full weekend memberhips will be available.

    Please note that only cast will be accepted; no cheques, credit cards or debit cards. Weekend memberships cover all

    three days of the fest, single day memberships are valid only for each day.

  • Friday *Only Weekend Membership are available for purchase.

  • Saturday $14 CDN / USD

  • Sunday $12 CDN / USD

    *Weekend membership $20.00 CDN / USD

    Please note: with the the donation of FIVE canned goods/nonperishable food items, ALL membership passes will be reduced by 50%! All items will be donated to the house of friendship food Bank program.