I - Scream Gala 2010

As we entering into our second season we are really excited for this years schedule fun, and just like other film festival's we are building an event for those who love horror movies, and have a passion for the genre . In celebration of our 2nd annual HorrorFest, The Rum Runner Pub is proud to host our 2010 Gala on October the 8th 2010, the " I - Scream Gala" is a fundraising event in anticipation of the Festival opening.

The I - Scream Gala includes a screening of: "Case study", and then "I Killed Ricky". And to kill more time we will have "Zombie Island", and if that's a crazy enough we have "THE CRAZIES" on hand for all to see.

Tickets for our Gala is free with the full purchase of a weekend pass. Weekend passes are available to sell throughout the horror fest weekend. Our Gala is brought to you by the fine folks at anchor bay. Please note that our Gala will start at 9 p.m. and run to approximately 11 o'clock, and is well would like to thank the people at the Rum Runner Pub, for sponsoring our event, to them we say thank you!

**Please note that all events are subject to change