The I, Scream Build: Corpse Grinders Build

We're also pleased to announce that we are going to have movie nights in preparation prior to our October the eight-th festival, and the fun will began this coming Tuesday (that's right August the 19th) at the wonderful in fantastic 43 King Street North, Waterloo - - known as Mom's Tattoo Shop, (more at : That's right, gracefully the people at Mom's Tattoo Shop have loaned their shop out to us to show some really cool independent horror movies. and of course, we are not in the practice to let people down, so with that please note for this event that space is limited, and there will be a cost involved - You might be asking "RCEHoppe, I don't have a lot of money, i am really saving up for the big show in Toronto called Fan Expo - How much is this going to cost?" well my very good insightful friend - the price of admission, is simple, we have two things planned - either A) we could charge you $30 to see this one time show or b) the price of admission can be the cost of a donation of a canned good of any variety, it's really up to you. Some may say with that were practically giving it away...and they are right, we are kind of, in a good way ^_^ Please note more information about this event and others will be posted by this coming Monday, so please keep an eye out for it.,/p>

**Please note that all events are subject to change